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*Nagano, Japan - Mark builds Mat 124G's at the Yashica factory.

Mark Hama Ltd.
2675 Earl Dr.
Marietta, GA 30062
phone: (770) 565-1498

It has been a long road, but I would like to take this time to thank my great customers for 20 wonderful years with Mark Hama Ltd.
I would not be in the place I am today without you all the support. For those people that think I will retire,
it has not crossed my mind it.
Cameras have been my life's passion
and I am looking forward to serve all of you.

Very Respectfully,

Mark Hama

Mark Hama Ltd. has been privately owned and operated by Mark Hama since September of 1990.
Mark's 40 years of experience in cameras began in a Yashica factory in Nagano,
Japan when he started building the Mat 124G.
Since then, he has been Yashica's service manager in the United States.

We repair all brands of cameras and have a huge inventory of parts for many different cameras,
including the Leica SM and M series as well as the old Yashica models.
Yashica has sent us all of the parts for the discontinued Yashica Mat 124G.
We also repair the Yashica Dental Eye.

We offer 6 month labor warranties on all camera repairs and 3 month
labor warranties on all electronics repairs.


"Dear Mr. Hama:
This email is intended to inform you of the arrival of the Yashica camera
 that you sent me in exchange for the one that I sent to you for repair.
The replacement camera I received is very beautiful.
It looks like new, you must have done a great job in repairing/restoring it.
If it performs like it looks, it will do a fantastic job.
I can not wait to try it out.
Thank you once again for all you have done to help me with this camera.
Karen Nakamura was "right on" when she recommended you.
Take care and have a great day!" - J.T.

"I purchased a Yashica-Mat 124G today from you on eBay.
 I will admit that about 90% of the reason I purchased it was
because the listing mentioned that it had been worked on by Mark Hama.
To say that your reputation is fantastic would be an understatement.
Dr. Nakamura mentioned that you might be going into retirement,
so when I saw my paypal receipt today and realized that I was in fact buying directly from you
I was very pleasantly surprised. That camera will not only be cherished for the work you put into it,
 but quite possibly my last ever film camera.
I’ll treat it very well and shoot it until it comes apart at the seams.
That shutter, I promise, will never fail from lack of use.
You’ve made thousands of photographers lives and livelihoods richer from your life’s work." - C.W.

"Hello Mark. I just received the camera and I am very happy.
You are truly number one in the world with the Yashica TLRs
and probably as well with all cameras. Many, many thanks." - J.W.

Thank you for being such an amazing person.
Your personal call upon the receipt of the camera was exemplary.
The camera came back in such extraordinary shape
and you even recovered the front of it for me!
WOW!!!!!! The camera came back to me in no time! AMAZING!

The camera works SO GOOD and man does it perform!
I shot a role of E100VS through it and the slides are SO SHARP
and the out of focus areas so beautiful.
The shutter speeds, focus, its all perfect!
Mark, I am so happy I can not put it into words.
I will be taking this camera out west in about a month
and I am more excited about my trip now
that I have this wonderful camera than I was before.
Thank you again" - M.V."

"Hi Mark,
I received the Lynx-14 today and I cannot even tell
you how thrilled I am !!
It looks so beautiful and looks brand new.
Also it works like new, like I remember.
You did a wonderful job and I am sure that I will enjoy
this fine camera for the remainder of my life.
Also, thank you for the new battery and the good communication.
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!
I will not hesitate to ask you to help me with future camera problems. "

"Hello, Mr Hama
Thank you for the repairs you have made on my cameras.
I received them both last week in perfect shape.
My apologies to you for not answering to you immediately
: My wife just gave birth to my first child: a little daughter.
I will make the best use of the
yashicas taking pictures of her!
Thank you once again for your you work and you professionalism.
Kind regards from Paris"


Mark Hama Ltd.

2675 Earl Dr.
Marietta, GA 30062
phone: (770) 565-1498